Welcome to MOSTIMUN 2016 !




Dear participants,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 8th annual session of the Mostar International Model United Nations to be held from 25th to 29th April 2016 in the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mostar International Model United Nations (MOSTIMUN) is being organized by a small yet extremely dedicated Organization team with the support of a seasoned MUN Secretariat. Our aim is to offer students from around the world an exciting and rewarding educational experience, delivered in an environment that is supportive and conducive to academic, professional and personal growth.

MOSTIMUN takes great pride in its tradition of small and friendly, but also challenging committees. These have always allowed for a procedurally smooth and content-wise manageable initiation of less experienced delegates, while retaining a high level of challenge for all MUN veterans. Another one of MOSTIMUN’s defining characteristics is the highly dynamic nature of its simulations. This year we have taken it upon ourselves to up the ante with the Secretary-General personally promising one of the best crisis scenarios ever witnessed at MUN simulations. Coupled with a truly global attendance that enables us to remain true to our moto of inter-cultural exchange in a multi-cultural setting, this should convince you that MOSTIMUN is the place to be in April.

The world has evolved greatly since the founding of the United Nations. Today, we are again faced with issues that are bound to fundamentally change the way we think and act in international community and force us to revisit the ways in which we manage relations between states, societies, cultures and an ever-increasing number of other relevant stakeholders. A widening gap between the rich and the poor, implementation of the newly adopted agenda on sustainable development, international terrorism, the global refugee crisis, challenges connected with governing multi-cultural societies are just some of the issues that will undoubtedly feature in your discussions in April.

I am confident that everybody can find something for themselves in the following four committees that will be simulated this year:

  • Security Council
  • Human Rights Council
  • Council of the Arab League
  • Historical Committee

As the Secretary-General of MOSTIMUN 2016, and on behalf of the entire organising team, I would like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to come and join us as we set out to explore the world of international politics, economy, law and diplomacy in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We are all eager to introduce you to the beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina and help you to experience the proverbially authentic Balkan hospitality.

Vid Tomić

Secretary-General of MOSTIMUN 2016