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Secretariat 2017


Žiga Golobič - Secretary General

As a student of International Relations and a history enthusiast, Žiga Golobič has somehow managed to stumble into the world of Model UN and stay there in spite of any and all “real” responsibilities. His fascination with the world of geopolitics and securitization narratives, seamlessly combining with his love of language, formality and creativity, means that he has found his home away from home in that most wicked hive of scum and villainy otherwise known as MUN crisis. Being an avid reader driven by relentless curiosity and wonder, he is always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and ideas to formulate ever more elaborate schemes involving pastry chefs and overseas trade. When he is not engaged in an argument (but sometimes even then), Žiga enjoys photography, baking, toying around with the latest gadgets and exploring the vast unknown reaches of new media.



Meliha Muherina - Deputy Secretary-General

Meliha has started her MUN career in Turkey in 2012 and has since then acted in different roles at MUNs around Europe, ranging from a delegate to a chair, organizer and Deputy-Secretary General. Before taking a short break from MUN world, she was also Vice-President at Model UN Slovenia Club, which works in order to spread around the MUN bacteria to upcoming generations and organizes MUNSC Salient in their free time. She is very much looking forward acting in role of Deputy Secretary General at MostiMUN, a conference, city and country she holds very dear to her heart. She strongly believes you’ll have the time of your life at this years edition.

Meliha also doesn’t function before 10am, so if you see her wandering around aimlessly early in the morning, only coffee works. In case you need it, she can be easily bribed with pistachio baklava, cocktail on a rooftop, or large amounts of ice-cream.



Milan Jovanović - Editor-in-Chief

 Content writer by day, tired excuse of a human being at night. Loves LEGO bricks, pizza, and puzzles. Keeps himself young by harnessing the drama delegates make at MUNs. 










United Nations Security Council


Angela Yausheva

Angela is a final year BA of International Relations student at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. It is her great pleasure and honour to be a Chairperson at MostiMUN 2017 Security Council!
She is deeply engaged in the topics of international conflict management and peace studies and hopes to apply her findings and previous research to the work of the Committee. She has been both a Delegate and an Expert at MUNs and MEUs, has represented Russia at the International Public Speaking Competition in London and at the ‘Balkan SAYS’ seminar in Slovenia, and she has completed internships at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the UN Conference, and the Saint Petersburg International Business Association. 
She is beyond excited to be participating at MostiMUN 2017 and can’t wait to meet all of the extraordinary participants from all over the world!


Tatjana Toković

Driven by the fear of being average, Tatjana started her MUN career when she enrolled in High School. Being one of the youngest, yet most dedicated participants at every conference, she quickly took over the role of the Security Council President. Her early involvement in the MUN inspired her to study International Relations at the University of Belgrade where she’s currently a sophomore. Combining her experiences as both delegate and a chairperson, she knows what the most difficult tasks are for delegates, and always tries to push boundaries of their knowledge, skills and virtues. Being a committed leader, she seeks commitment in return.

Embracing the best pieces of European culture, in her free time she is usually to be found with a cup of afternoon tea or a glass of fine wine and cheese, while her snack proposal is always going to be pizza. Tatjana is motivated to work until she no longer has to introduce herself, and she hopes to be one step closer to that goal after MostiMUN 2017. She finds it a great honor, as well as a great responsibility to be a part of the MostiMUN Secretariat.



UN Women


Haiying Wang

Haiying is a young Chinese woman from Leuven. Her identity cannot be categorised in any nationality. She is 22 years old, with a 50 year-old philosophy and a 15 year-old heart. That’s most probably the result of the mixture of Ancient Chinese Confucianism with individualist Western values, and some intrinsic naivety and rebellion.

Currently she is finishing her Bachelors in Communication Sciences. While trying to figure out how some MUN’ers manage to attend tons of MUN-conferences, Haiying is quietly satisfied with the handful of conferences that she has participated in. Quality over quantity – at least that’s what she tells herself. This will be her very first experience as a chair. And she is going to be chairing UN Women – nothing gets her more excited than seeing different cultures and different mentalities clashing! Nothing is more mind-enriching than an earnest confrontation.

Mostar will be Haiying’s first ‘exotic’ MUN-conference, if she doesn’t count as ‘exotic’ in European MUN’s herself. She is impatiently looking forward to embracing this awesome conference and to meeting everyone there!


Martin Maréchal

Born and raised in Belgium, a country with three official languages and six distinct governments, Martin has certainly acquired a unique perspective on the importance of compromise and diplomacy. But it was only after living in China for six months as an exchange student that Martin really began to appreciate the urgency of having a strong and functioning Europe. Taking part in MUN’s is undeniably one of the best experiences to have as a student or young professional and it is with great joy and excitement that he will take on the role of chair at MostiMUN 2017.  



Council of the Arab League


Marek Dolejší

Marek is a third year student of Security and Strategic Studies at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Being specialized in the Western Balkans, he spent two months during last autumn by internship at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Serbia, which only deepened his passionate love for the region.

He has been involved in several MUN/MEU simulations including two participations in the Arab League during previous two editions of MOSTIMUN. However, he decided to revoke his MUN career’s end and participate once more as a chair in this glorious council.

Apart of his studies, internships and travelling across the Balkans, he enjoys reading, drinking coffee and tasting high-quality Caribbean rum. Since he considers himself as well-organised and perfectionist person, try to be as prepared as possible – especially when it comes to dressing for the part – Marek tends to be very strict about that. Or just appropriately remind him of his love for the Balkans… and maybe you will get some concessions.


Mihai Dobai

Mihai is a Romanian born student of economic relations and geopolitics (or at least he believes so) at University of Oradea.

He is with one foot already in Ljubljana to spend another exchange semester in the city of ŽiŽek, and by the time he will attend MostiMUN he will be rooted in Slovenia, trying not to procrastinate too much in his pursuit of writing a masters’ thesis and maybe picking some Slovenian words.

Having a keen interest in the Arab World and the wider Islamic world, he is hoping to share some of his passion regarding the topics which will be debated to create an authentic learning experience for all the participants.




Futuristic Committee


Livija Marko-Wieser

Originally from Austria (a fact immediately revealed by her unconditional love for Apfelstrudel), Livija is a soon-to-be International Relations graduate at the University of Ljubljana. When she is not working on the content for MUNSC Salient or looking for new MUNs to attend, Livija keeps busy travelling to both new and familiar places to see her loved ones and favourite musicians; reading books she has accumulated over years of dopamine-inducing visits to bookshops; and enhancing her knowledge of the foreign languages she has fallen in love with over the past years.

She aspires to be a human rights lawyer to tackle the after-effects of severely destabilising conflicts such as ever-changing migration patterns and the question of how states are to cooperate with the international community in this regard.

Having been an avid member of the MUN community for almost two years now – MOSTIMUN will, in fact, mark the second anniversary – as a delegate, chair and crisis team member, Livija is excited to chair her first futuristic committee and have the delegates immerse themselves into the challenges that the crisis team holds in store for them.


Mak Selimović

Mak Selimović is a Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service graduate. While attending university, he worked for the Qatar Foundation, the Admissions Department at Georgetown University, the Council of the Municipality Centar-Sarajevo and the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Qatar. In addition to his internship experience at the Embassy of BiH, Mak Selimović was a member of the BiH delegation to the 13th UNODC Congress. Almost two years ago, he initiated a project to hold an annual Model UN conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mak is passionate about public policy, sustainable development strategies and international cooperation, and in private, he is an avid model airplane collector and airplane spotter.




Crisis Team


Matic Gumpot

Matic is a student of International Relations at the University of Ljubljana. When he joined MUN Slovenia Club a few years ago, little did he know what a precious journey he is embarking on. From securing unanimous support for his resolution on child marriage as Pakistan in the Human Rights Council at the very first conference, to expanding Russia beyond what it was even in the most glorious times of the USSR at one of recent simulations he attended as a delegate, Matic made plenty cherished memories along the way.

Having experienced educational systems of Slovenia, Japan, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, Matic learned to appreciate the value of different perspectives, as well as uniqueness of cultures and individuals. MUNs never fail to affirm him in conviction that there are plenty amazing people out there to meet and befriend.


Miha Trstenjak

Still a postgraduate student of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. Intrigued by social and political dimensions of scientific development and human understanding of technology. Loves theory. Fumbles with practice. Finally got his gaming relapse. Went better than expected. Questions > charisma. Does not welcome our AI overlords. Developing an ever-greater interest in storytelling. Fascinated by the organizational aspect of MUN conferences. Keen on exploring MUN beyond MUN. Shamelessly promotional: MUNSC Salient. Currently enjoys: exploring experimental electronic music, playing Bloodborne, writing his MA thesis, making plans for his post-MUN future. Looks forward to: doing some reading on pirates, the new Blade Runner movie, April.



Miloš Aleksić

As a big enthusiast of history and politics, Miloš was immediately drawn into the MUN world after his first experience – it was love at first sight. Miloš, however, does not have anything to do with official politics and he would definitely sell his soul to take part in it. Dominating the Parliament in endless, but interesting and useful banter has been his dream ever since he was able to dream.

Close to finishing law school, Miloš is currently preoccupied with future job prospects and is engaged in several different projects. Having convinced himself that law can actually be fun and exciting, he has never felt more wrong in his life. To put it simply, criminal law can be fun, but losing your life definitely isn’t, while the other side of the law can make you feel like you’re completely wasting your life, therefore an eternal bond between law and life has made Miloš wonder, why is he doing this to himself?


Nina Pejič

Nina has graduated from International Relations at the University of Ljubljana and is currently completing the IR Masters at the same institution. Her academic interest rights lie in post-conflict development, human rights enforcement and the role of institutions, which she plans to further research in her master thesis as well. She also works as a researcher at her faculty, working on EU project in enhancing the capabilities of the EU’s peacekeeping missions.

She entered the MUN society in her first year of the undergrad studies and since then participated eagerly in countless sessions in Ljubljana’s local MUNSC, some international MUNs – but her first one, was MOSTIMUN 2014, and like the old saying goes: you never forget your first one. This year’s conference will be her third MOSTIMUN, but the first time she is joining its Secretariat, taking a chance of testing if a good dictatorship can really be better than a bad democracy, under the rule of Žiga and Meliha.

Although she is a (failed) self-proclaimed retiree from the world of the MUN since July 2016, she will be pursuing the role of the Crisis Team member, making your life complicated and miserable, just when you already thought that you made the lemonade out of your lemons. The only bribe she accepts is in the form of chocolate or chocolate-like products. On a less business-not-pleasure note, people beware: she takes a great amount of joy arguing passionately about world’s affairs, so before you sit down at her table for a lovely dinner in good company, be sure you really want to be having an international politics debate at this exact moment. In her free time she enjoys reading, travelling, especially around Balkans, seaside and sun, as well as taking “cute and interesting” Snapchat videos of her labradoodle. Beside English, you can feel free to communicate with her in Italian or Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/whatnot or try out and laugh to her basic French skills.