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Secretariat 2018


After recently becoming a law graduate, Miloš has completely abandoned everything that has to do with law, and has dedicated his professional life to the vastness of the IT sector. However, he still remains passionate about all the things that he always was passionate about, such as history, numismatics, philosophy, sociology, etc. His long and outstanding MUN career will not help him much in life, however, it hadn’t influenced his resolve to continue doing MUN’s with the same enthusiasm as the first time he applied. 

”For this year’s special edition, we plan on focusing on contemporary topics of worldly politics, with an emphasis on humanitarian issues and challenges. Therefore, we have modeled the committees based on this very goal, in order to ensure that this edition of MostiMUN truly does become special in the full sense of the word.” 



Kristina is a student at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Law while dreaming of continuing her studies in a field of International Relations, one of the main reasons she decided to become a member of MUN family.

Commencing from membership in the Croatian United Nations Association and participation in informal workshops, over the past two years Kristina attended several conferences and gained vast experience and knowledge, be it in a role of a delegate or as a member of the organising team, or even conducting mischief as a crisis team member – her journey was fruitful and memorable, with a puissant impact on her life.




Ana is a fifth year medical student from Spain, currently living it up in Tuscany while on Erasmus in Florence. She has been enthusiastic about MUNing since she first participated in her home conference MUNUSAL (Salamanca, Spain), which she currently helps organise. A few years and a dozen conferences later, she’s enjoying the relative freedom her Erasmus offers to take off and join way too many conferences.

In the past year she has been Editor-in-Chief in two MUN conferences and one Crisis Simulation, and is looking forward to taking on this role again for MOSTIMUN 2018, and to immersing herself into what she fondly calls ‘the Balkan MUN circuit’.

She loves singing at the top of her lungs during karaoke (to the detriment of her speaking voice the next morning), spreading Spanish party music across Europe, and having any excuse to put on a costume (business attire counts as such in her book!). Feel free to approach her and introduce yourself during MOSTIMUN, but no earlier than 9:30. Ana is not a morning person.


Though he was raised in beautiful city of Pula, Ivan will state following loud and clear: He is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, precisely a little town of Kraljeva Sutjeska where great Bosnian kings ruled in medieval times. He graduated 2 years ago from Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Zagreb. Now holds of master’s degree in business economics, Management and Human resource and pursue a career by working in one of the Croatia’s largest telecom companies as a part of Business Sales development department. Shortly said he is strong minded, analytical and have an eye for details. MUN virus Ivan got back in his student days when he first participated on Model European Union Zagreb, after which he got a lead to apply on MOSTIMUN. Although applications were closed he followed his instinct and kindly asked to attend. Finally, his wish was granted, and he participated as a delegate of WTO in G20 Summit. A year after he made his comeback again but this time as a Soviet Union in Historical Security Council. Ended in both of years holding a party animal nomination in his councils. After a few months in 2015. his what he thought last MUN was in Ljubljana. But since old love don’t fade that easily, he is back, better than ever to make an official closure in MUN career. He describes himself as loud, talkative and ready to make stand and drama if necessary. He is a big party animal, loves to go clubbing and dancing so if you party with him prepare to leave the club last one. He cannot be bribed but he likes to discuss all the topics in some nice place while eating (pancakes especially). So, we strongly encourage you to tag along.

His personal motto is: ‘Wrong thing done for a right reason is still a wrong thing.’

As a Crisis Director this year he stated: ‘Prepare for everything because you never know when an ally might become and enemy and vice versa.’ In his free time, you can find Ivan doing what he does best: going to gym, driving his car, planning his next trip, partying hard and napping.


Prospective participants of MOSTIMUN, my name is Martin Wycisk and I will have the utmost pleasure to be a member of the crisis team. My MUN career started 2014 in Warsaw and since then I attended 10 conferences as delegate and chair.

I am graduate of the Eastern Studies programme of the University of Warsaw and currently working as an analyst at a research institute in Poznań/Poland. Besides this I am active in a Polish NGO, educating students on international relations and leadership. In my free time I like to travel the world, learn foreign languages (currently Russian) and attend MUNs when ever I have the occasion to.

When a MUN is organized for the 10th time in a row, it has to be a good one. What you can expect from MOSTIMUN are certainly the highest levels of rhetorics, challenging negotations and unexpected turns of action. Even more important MOSTIMUN will also be an occasion to visit the unique city of Mostar, meet amazing people and enjoy the social events in the evening.


Matic (and, please, not Matić) is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in International Relations, focusing his research on the nexus of economy, security, and international relations. MOSTIMUN holds a special place in his heart, as it is precisely in Mostar where he was at his first international MUN conference. Since then, Matic assumed many mantles in the world of MUNs, and made plenty cherished memories along the way, as well as co-wrote a guide for delegates, the Delegate Handbook. 

Having experienced educational systems of Slovenia, Japan, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, Matic learned to appreciate the value of different perspectives, as well as uniqueness of cultures and individuals. MUNs never fail to affirm his conviction that they are the most precious platform to learn, make new friends, and have fun.



Nevena Bracanović, Chair of the Security Council, was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. She’s currently studying business administration law at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Nevena is a member of UN Club of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, where she was recently elected President of the MUN Committee.

Nevena is highly interested in International law, EU/UN systems and taxation. She started her MUN/MEU journey in her home town, where she was given the “Best delegate“ award at her very first conference. Ever since then, she’s been a part of MUN/MEUs both as a passionate delegate and a caring chair. She speaks English and French and has a basic knowledge of Spanish and German. She loves going out, collecting snow globes and meeting new people and new cultures.

This will be her second time chairing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and she will make sure she makes it a memorable experience. She’s looking forward to traveling to Mostar, and meeting all of you!


Jure Macuh is a 21-year-old European studies student, born and raised in Slovenia. He has been a dedicated member of the Model United Nations Slovenia Club within which he is currently serving his tenure as President. He developed a particular interest in the field of energetics.

He began his MUN career at this very conference and is ecstatic to have received the opportunity to chair at his maiden conference.






Born long time ago in 1993 in galaxy far far away called Zagreb Sonja Trgovčić wasn’t aware that her immense love for Star Wars Saga, watching numerous war documentaries and news channels with her father and vivid political discussion with the members of her family would one day took her to the world of MUN.

And there she is! Grasping MUN opportunities and taking MUN responsibilities ever since she ran into Facebook post inviting people to join the youngest MUN club in the region. It was the Force that spoke to her that despite all of her various activities she had to apply and come to workshop because that was the thing she’s been waiting for all along.

She jumped right away into the messy waters of negotiations simulations followed by the first conferences, occasional gratifications and various roles in the world of MUN. Not to mention countless knowledgeable new friends strong with the Force and skill that helped this young MUN Jedi to become very powerful.

In between finishing her studies at the Faculty of law, struggling with French grammar and Danish pronunciation, countless streaming on Netflix, listening to (global) political podcasts and cherishing everything that is “made in” Scandinavia, on this year’s MOSTIMUN she will take the role of Presiding Officer in EU Foreign Affairs Council creating a study guide Darth Vader would be proud of. 


Student of International Relations at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences. He started debating while an exchange student in the US and now its one of his greatest passions.He’s a history buff, has interest in international law and economy and wants to master speaking at least 5 languages. He’s the president and co-founder of “Students for United Nations of Faculty of Political Sciences” and is involved in youth activism.

He loves living life to the fullest hence his variety of different interest, loves to try new things and be surrounded by new people and old friends. His life moto is “never give up fighting for what you believe in, life’s too short for mediocrity”.




Self-admitted MUN addict and livelong geek Tanja will try to draw your attention to Outer Space. She started her MUN career with attending conferences in Scandinavia for  in 2015, while studying for her B.A. in History and African Studies in Germany and Finland and has since attended 9 conferences making the 10th anniversary of MOSTIMUN her 10th conference.

Her specialities are broadly issues of international peace and security, post-conflict peace building and the African continent. After grduating from her B.A with a thesis on Race and Gender in Star Trek, she went on to England, where she recently graduated her M.A. in Curating at UWE Bristol.

Now she dedicates her time for different cultural, environmental and poltical causes. In her freetime and in the (legendary socials) you will find her talking about science fiction, video games, technology , cats and soo much more.


Iva Ramuš Cvetkovič is a fourth-year Faculty of Law student at University of Ljubljana, but last semester she studied at the historical University of Coimbra.  Besides working on her BA degree, she also participates in law competitions, does internships, she is a tutor for Legal Theory and also a MUN enthusiast from the day she applied to the faculty and was introduced to the challenging world of MUN conferences. So far she has participated at multiple of those at home and abroad, sometimes as a delegate, sometimes as a chair,  which helped her improve debating, negotiating and rhetoric skills. She is a firm believer in the necessity of ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ and she always tries to take as many challenges as possible.

When she is not doing anything faculty-related (which is often), she writes poetry and theatre plays, travels, reads, cooks, plays League of Legends and takes a lot of photos.


Tina is a Law student at the University of Zagreb. She enjoys traveling, studying new languages (such as Arabic and Mandarin), sarcastic comments and drinking fine wine (other alcohol included). Also, she absolutely loves relaxed talks while having a coffee, as it is regular ritual in the Balkans.

Besides her studies, she regularly attends MUN and MEU conferences. She has already chaired many committees and is looking forward being a part of the Secretariat at the 10th edition of MOSTIMUN. With her and her co-chair Iva Ramuš as Presiding Officers, you will have a blast in the Arab League Committee, for sure. See you all in April!