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Supervisory board

Supervisory board of Mostimun consists out of all former Project Managers.
They have the power to choose the following Project Managers, counsel them regarding major decisions about the conference and to make sure that everything is in accordance with the Mostimun spirit.

Maja Ahmić

Mostar International Model of United Nations is the event which gives more than one can think. When I joined Ms. Victoire Rio’s idea to start MUN conference in Mostar I never thought it will bring change in the real sense of term, to me, my friends and few, now many, enthusiasts in Mostar. Many thought we will not succeed. But we did. First MOSTIMUN was a success and kick to all those who did not believe in Ms. Rio and few of us.

In 2010, when Victoire trusted her genius idea to Marija and me, again the dose of skepticism arose. But we made it. Together with eight more amazing people from the city, we have shown that we can do a lot, more than one could believe. Being project manager of MOSTIMUN 2010 together with Ms. Prskalo, I realized that standing united we can shut up all the dirty talks in and around our lovely city and make our dream come true.

In 2011, with Anita and Ivan we demonstrated that we are already experienced team who, third year in a row, managed to bring more than one hundred individuals to the city on the river Neretva. Ivan and Anita sustained our idea and managed to keep the spirit alive.

In 2012, as a member of Supervision Board, far from Mostar, I may have not been actively involved, but I kept in touch with young, ambitious and super power lady Martina by helping in small things to organize the fourth edition of MOSTIMUN.

And in 2013, Sanja and Daniela, as experienced team members, will make your adventure worthwhile and will open your eyes and make fall in love… with our living multiculturalism.

Maja is a second year master degree student at the Departmen of Sociology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Born and raised in the city of Mostar, she welcomes new members in our team, new delegates and members of secretariat to join the game of Mostar International Model of United Nations.

I can only hope that Ms. Rio is proud; on herself and on us.


Marija Prskalo Maša 

Four years ago I received an invitation from a young and enthusiastic volunteer Victoire Rio, who came to Mostar with an intention of organizing a very important project for young people, in beautiful, but complicated city of Mostar. When she mentioned the idea of organizing a UN Model in Mostar, I thought that it would be impossible, or at least very difficult, having in mind the first MUN conference, in which I participated one year earlier in Zagreb (ZAGIMUN). I thought about the glow and luxury of the first MUN conference I participated in, and it was hard for me to realize how a conference of this kind could be organized in the city, which I adore, but in which we can still feel the consequences of war and where it is very hard to get a support from local authorities and international organizations in order to organize a conference of this kind. But a little voice inside me told me that it is worth trying. Ten months later, a team of 10 people, most of whom did not know each other at all before MOSTIMUN, managed to bring 90 enthusiasts to Mostar, and they were ready for a long debate on world topics in a city, where we miss conversation the most.

I will be honest and say that it wasn’t easy at all, and everything did not always go as we planned, but people were satisfied and we were inspired to make it even better the next year. Maja Ahmić and I had the role of a project manager a year later and we tried our best in order to make MOSTIMUN 2010 a unique experience, as for foreign participates, as well as for the people from Mostar. A year of tears, laughter, love and hard work paid out and brought another sunny April to Mostar. It is hard for me to explain in words how much that experience meant for me. I have learned a lot about working with people and organizing such events, but most importantly I have met people who became my close friends and to whom I can trust unconditionally today, as I could then. I believe that they will agree with me when I say that MOSTIMUN gave us a feeling that we can make difference, improve situation and bring Mostar to the point where it belongs.

Personally, I wanted that as many people possible, experience the same things that I experienced, so I have decided that I will always be available to all future organizational teams, wherever they be needed advice, or any kind of assistance. And so I became, with a certain level of humor, the only member of the Supervisory Board in MOSTIMUN 2011 edition. I ‘stood on the side’ and observed MOSTIMUN 2012 and I really enjoyed myself, due to the fact that MOSTIMUN 2011 and 2012 are a proof that Mostar has many great individuals who are capable to make every future edition even better and greater, and thus build praiseworthy tradition, which makes me very happy.

MOSTIMUN meant a lot to me and it still means a lot, and I can only hope that I returned the same way. And for all of you, who are still not sure about applying for MOSTIMUN, I will say that MOSTIMUN is not only a conference, a debate or a dress code, MOSTIMUN is much more and I encourage you to apply and to see that for yourselves. What I know for sure is that MOSTIMUN 2013 organization team will do their best to give you 5 unforgettable days in the beautiful city of Mostar, so what are you waiting for?

In the end, I would like to thank to Maja, Daniela, Anita, Inga, Roza, Jaso, Martina, Edi, Irna and Nedim. They know why.


Anita Primorac 

I am a part of MOSTIMUN family since its beginning. I fell in love with the project the first time Victoire came and presented the idea. MOSTIMUN is unique kind of project in B&H, especially in Mostar. Bringing the world in Mostar and people from Bosnia and Herzegovina together during sunny April in this beautiful city, and all the atmosphere is really an extraordinary experience. The result is that family atmosphere and great people you meet and build friendships with them.

The aspect that drawn me to MOSTIMUN is that aim of project consisted in bringing people from both sides of river together. Before MOSTIMUN, cooperation of youth between two sides of this city that really suffered a lot during last war was on low level. That moment when those people came to work together on same goal was a breakthrough. It helped me in other activities, such as my work in AIESEC, in which after MOSTIMUN we managed to include students from the both sides in organization, which is a rarity in our city. I was Project Manager of MOSTIMUN 2011 together with Ivan Rozić, and that was one of the most stressful, but also emotional and best experiences in my life. MOSTIMUN is a conference in which you fall in love and attach to it, it is a symbol of creating a family and feeling that everything is possible. It is a project that gives you hope. It is a project that sends a message that nothing is impossible. And in which you will surely enjoy and keep coming back to it.

So be careful, you could become addicted.

Ivan Rozić 
My first MUN experience was at the first edition of MOSTIMUN. I represented Venezuela in ECOSOC and my controversial resolution barely made the cut at the General Assembly. Needless to say, representatives of the western countries (Austria in particular) were pissed off. Sadly, that was my last MUN experience as a delegate as well.

Now, you might think that the sad part is that I never felt the sweet smell of success in debates again. Or that I never felt so comfortable wearing a suit. But the sad part actually doesn’t have to do anything with the MUN. It is the social part of the whole event that matters. All the “mingling”, dancing, drinking and singing part of it. I’m sure debating and public speaking experience I gained at the conference will come in handy some day but it sure as hell won’t get me free accommodation and company of somebody who can show me where all the cool cats go out in Berlin, Rome or Paris.

I wanted to share this with my fellow citizens of Mostar and everybody else who was crazy enough to come here for an MUN. So I started participating in organization of MOSTIMUN and by its third edition Anita Primorac and I were appointed project managers. The two of us had pretty similar backgrounds in event organization, we knew each other well and I was really looking forward to working with our team on MOSTIMUN 2011.

This is where reminiscence starts and my biggest problem with people who reminisce about personal achievements they are proud of is that they always tell you only the good stuff and they never ever mention all the frustrations and nervous break downs they went through. So I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that organizing MOSTIMUN 2011 was, at the time, one of the most exhausting things I ever done.

Putting the framework together, assigning tasks and then following up on them, setting deadlines and then extending them, chasing funding and setting up the media promotion plan, keeping an optimistic mood in the team, assuring everybody that a problem isn’t really a problem but rather a small obstacle that we are more than able to surpass (although you yourself could start crying like a baby just thinking about the seriousness of the problem), trying your very best that all the different pieces of MOSTIMUN puzzle fall into place even if that means chopping off a part of the piece just so it could fit…

It was frustrating. And as the event was getting closer we hated the participants more and more. Very people we were organising MOSTIMUN for. We hated each other as well. Going into meetings with all these open issues and wrapping them up the best we knew how was standard. Each of us put in extraordinary effort just to get this over with. We completely forgot why we started doing this in the first place.

But then the MOSTIMUN 2011 began. People from all over the world started coming in armed with suitcases and smiles. Small talks erupted into elaborate conversations and/or dirty jokes. We made them feel welcome and we made them feel comfortable and they definitely made sure we know that. And we started loving them for it. In matter of days we went from hating these people’s guts (we never actually met most of them but we hated them anyway) to loving them and enjoying their company. We loved each other even more. I guess at that point we remembered why we were doing this and we were so damn proud we managed to pull it off despite all the problems we had to overcome. And at the end of the day, you realize that all the sacrifices and all the frustration are worth it if the final result is something as beautiful as MOSTIMUN is.

I am now a couple of months away from finishing my studies and I can honestly say that MOSTIMUN and the people involved in it have been one of the best things that happened to me during my student days.


Martina Raguž
I remember what inspired me in a first place to join the MOSTIMUN Organization Team. In MOSTIMUN 2009, I have participated as a delegate and had the opportunity for the first time to see young people from Mostar organizing an amazing event with a passion and vision that is rarely seen. That positive spirit of MOSTIMUN runs from the first edition and three years later after being first time introduced to it, I had a privilege and responsibility as the Project Manager to justify together with the Organization Team, Secretariat, and especially its participants, the reputation of MOSTIMUN as one of the best MUNs in Europe.

MOSTIMUN 2012 was 4th edition of this conference and amazing Organization Team worked for 7 months on realization of the conference in whole. The fact that I am personally most proud of, is that the 2012 Organization Team was consisted out of 80% new people, students from both Mostar universities that have heard about the conference and wanted to contribute to it. After three editions of MOSTIMUN, most of the previous Organization Team members have already finished the studies and having young interested people assured that MOSTIMUN will happen each year in April

In year 2012 MOSTIMUN expanded for one more council (Security Council, Human Rights Council, UN Office of Drugs and Crime and Historic Council) and had online edition of the newspapers – Mostimun Insight. Sessions were held at the Džemal Bijedić University in Mostar, since the 2011 edition was at the University of Mostar. Closing ceremony of MOSTIMUN 2012 was the first official happening held in the newly opened City Council Hall and the Major of Mostar Mr. Ljubo Bešlić came to congratulate participants and Organization Team as well for successfully finishing 4th edition of MOSTIMUN. Together with the Organization team, MOSTIMUN had 101 participants – Secretariat, journalists and delegates from more than 20 countries and 3 continents.

During my education, both high school and college studies, each project that I have participated at was unique and interesting. But none of them can be compared to MOSTIMUN. Why do I say that? Because MOSTIMUN is helping change the negative image of our city. Because MOSTIMUN is not mine, or yours – it is ours.  Because its successful realization year after year encouraged us to believe that we can achieve whatever we want to, no matter how complicated, difficult or impossible it seems. The most beautiful of it all, this project brought most wonderful people who are ready to work hard and passionately to bring positive changes in the future. My dear MOSTIMUN, I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!