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Dear MUN lovers and Newcomers,

Let me welcome each and everyone of you to MOSTIMUN 2013 and congratulate you for this excellent choice of joining us in making new life experiences, vast development opportunities and a time you will not want to miss!

As Editor-in-Chief of this year’s MOSTIMUN Insight it will be my job to keep all of our memories, pictures and quotes which make up these experiences.

Many opponents of conferences like this argue that we are not changing the world anyways so why try to make an effort? Many can not see a sense in coming together with other students of various cultural backgrounds in a unique venue and learn more about International Relations, world politics and diplomacy than most of us are being able to gain in our home universities.

The question is not why making an effort in trying but rather – why waiting to try?
MUNs are a unique way to teach all of us new insights and most importantly – to critically reflect what we hear, read and see in the world from various angles. The MOSTIMUN Insight will do exactly that. Giving unique insights into the wide scope of topics discussed and engaging everyone into an active discourse – that will be our foremost goal.
Not every one of us will end up a diplomat, certainly not all of us as become the US president or the UN Secretary General. Nevertheless, we can give it a try, educate ourselves and be the one person in the world to make the difference. Education is our key to change and political journalism is the helping hand. We will try to be your helping hand during MOSTIMUN by providing critical yet entertaining pieces of political journalism.

Enhancing the discussion and providing delegates with starting points for critical reflection – that will be the job of my media body. It is journalism that drafts a rough impression of history. The media team will make sure that MOSTIMUN will be depicted in an interesting, educating and still entertaining way.
In reality Media is used by politics and vice-versa. Not only will the Insight be a critical watchdog over the conference but also your channel to approach delegates in press statements, embarrass yourself with funny quotes and pictures and last but not least: An integral part of your experience at MOSTIMUN 2013.
Thus, keep both eyes out for the MOSTIMUN Insight! We will be more than active and intend to make this conference our conference – together we can make this MOSTIMUN history and that will be kept in the MOSTIMUN Insight.

Yours sincerely,

Frederike Kipper
Editor-in-Chief MOSTIMUN Insight