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Dear prospective journalists,

Are you brave? Are you creative? Are you ready to experience a MUN conference in a different way? Join the ranks of the free press!

My first Editor-in-Chief paid his journalists a cookie salary. This is a tradition I intend to continue, provided I find a supermarket where they understand my frantic pointing and waving of money. My grasp of the Slavic family language is really non-existent (give me a break, I’m from Spain). 

Besides the free cookies, I hope the job entices you for its many possibilities: of visiting the different committees of MOSTIMUN 2018 and learning about a wide range of topics, of working closely with the crisis team to bring mayhem to said committees, of reporting backstabbings and rapprochements between countries, and of encouraging gossip in any and all forms.

In the small and contained sphere of reality that will be MOSTIMUN 2018, your articles will impact the course of the debates, signal a problem that still needs to be solved, or simply bring a smile to a tired delegate’s face. If there is one thing I can assure you, it’s that being a journalist at a MUN conference is never ever boring. Not to mention, I’m a cool boss. But don’t take my word for it:

“She’s a cool boss.” - All of my journalists, plus a random delegate just passing by the media room

“She’s a danger to America and the world. Fakest of fake news.” - Donald J. Trump

“She’s a pretty solid candidate.” - Pulitzer Prize Board

Never forget that the press is the Fourth Power, and can take down governmens and ignite revolutions. Come explore it with me this April in beautiful Mostar.

What are you waiting for? Apply now! You have until March 4th.

With my warmest regards, your future Editor-in-Mischief,

Ana Victoria Martín Corral