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Model United Nations (MUN) is a student conference which simulates the work of different United Nations committees. In MUN you choose a committee of your interest. MOSTIMUN 2018 offers UN Security Council, UNOOSA Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Arab League and EU Foreign Affairs Council. After you choose a committee, you:

  • choose a country you wish to represent, please note that you cannot choose to represent the country of your own citizenship/s !
  • research it, as you will become a representative of that country in the committee which you have chosen,
  • learn about your committee’s topics through study guides prepaired by chairpersons and researchers,
  • represent your viewpoints and official foreign policy,
  • discuss issues presented in the committee with other delegates!

Your aim is to participate actively and make sure that your committee passes the resolution, preferably containing solutions your country would implement. An opportunity to be a foreign diplomat, to propose a solution, to lobby and negotiate with your fellow delegates.

Or maybe you would rather prefer to report on how are the delegates actually dealing with the world’s most important issues? Observe who participates actively in the session, and who takes a power nap because of the clubbing and mingling night before? In this edition, you will have the unique opportunity to inform the outside world and everyone from the conference online and live what is really going on and off the set of MOSTIMUN, as a reporter - journalist.

All of this in the city of Mostar, a city whose story and beauty will not leave you indifferent, whilst exploring it and meeting amazing people from all over the world.
Keywords that are encountered in a MUN:
-        Delegate :  representative of a country,  main tasks are to research the topics and to portray the country’s point of view, not their own
-        Chairperson : participants with a lot of MUN experience, they are like supervisors of debates, that assure that rules of procedure are being followed and that the delegates do their jobs
-        Journalist : writes about everything and anything in the conference newspaper/ online media
-        Position paper : essay written by the delegates about their country’s policy
-        Resolution :  conclusion and the solution of a topic, written by council delegates
-        Committee session :  part of the conference in which all of the aforementioned discussing and resolution bringing happens

Come, and experience MOSTIMUN 2018!