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Organizing Team 2017


Ivana Matić, Project Manager

Ivana Matić was born in Mostar, where she is currently in her third year of language studies. She was previously a part of MOSTIMUN both as a delegate and as a part of the organizing team, therefore she believes she has acquired enough knowledge to lead this year´s team successfully. Participating in various seminars, projects and cooperating with NGOs has given her the ability to practice and improve her communication and organization skills, which will be put to a good use this year.

She loves travelling, which is why the place to reach her right now is Graz, Austria, where she is doing her semester abroad. Being passionate about languages and being able to speak four (so far) has led her to various places in Norway, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy and the UK, and she believes that this experience has allowed her to see how things work in rest of the Europe, and to transfer and use that knowledge at home.

She hopes to see both new and old faces at the conference this year, and will humbly let her work on the conference speak in her name.

Finally, „Ob du denkst, du kannst es, oder du kannst es nicht: Du wirst auf jeden Fall recht.“


Amel Sadiković, Project Manager

Amel Sadiković was  born on the 26th of August 1994, in Bugojno, where he finished primary and high school. After finishing high school he moved to Mostar and enrolled into college there. He is currently a forth year student of English Language and Literature at the “Džemal Bijedić” University in Mostar.

Last year he was part of the Organizing team of MOSTIMUN 2016 where he worked as a Delegate manager, but was also the graphic designer.  He was also a member of Mozaik’s M-stream team with the role of the IT manager. He didn’t stop there so in order to find new challenges and gain more knowledge he decided to spend a semester abroad, specifically at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi, Romania.

He finds this as a great opportunity to develop his organizational and communication skills and he is very interested in meeting new people and creating great moments that will later become beautiful memories. 

Also, he believes he can improve his leadership skills right here on this project and also give a lot of his knowledge and use his experience while organizing this event.


Božena Krešić, Delegate Manager

Božena is Currently a 3rd year student of English and Italian language and literature at the University of Mostar.
She was a part of the Arab League in last year’s MOSTIMUN. Although it was her first participation in the MUN world she fell in love with the whole idea and wishes to help other delegates share the same experience. 

One of her interests is linguistics, but she is a true literature enthusiast and she wishes to learn as many languages as possible. She believes that the skills she has acquired so far as being the president of Students’ Association of English Language and Literature Excalibur will be a great contribution to the organizing process of MOSTIMUN 2017.

One of her favorite quotes is; ”All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”


Ivona Mandić, Delegate Manager

Ivona Mandić, born and raised in Mostar, is a third year student at the Faculty of Law, at University of Mostar.

For  years, she has been active member of ELSA ( The European Law Students’ Association)  Mostar  where she’s currently  Vice President for  STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme) and also a member of other NGO’s. As VP she helped in organizing interships in law firms.

When it comes to  MUN conference, she got opportunity to participate at Mostimun 2015. as delegate of Morocco and Munsc Salient in Ljubljana same year as delegate of Portugal.

MUN’s  represents a great chance to practice public speaking,argumention, English language and at same time meeting new people and  discovering world of diplomacy.


Željka Čorić, Delegate Manager

Željka Čorić was born in March 1994. in Novi Travnik where she finished highschool. Currently she is studying Public health and enviroment, 4th year, on University of Mostar.

During college she was part in organisation of projects like Cultural summer „iNoviraj“ in Novi Travnik and the purpose of it was improving social, cultural and educational life in her town. In Čitluk she was delegate in Youth Speak forum BiH. In Mostar she participated in EQ seminar, Law Day Mostar and other meaningful events like these. Since 2015 she has been volunteering in the project „Stariji brat, starija sestra“ and she plans to continue volunteering on this. Last  year  she was member of organisation „Dani kulture i zabave“ in University of Mostar.

She speaks English very well and since 2015. she has been learning German. She also knows basics of Spanish. She spends her free time watching movies, reading books and making scrapbooks.

This is her first MOSTIMUN experience and she is looking forward to it, and  she is sure that it is going to improve her organisation and communication skills.

She is hardworking, responsible and optimistic.

Her favourite quote is: „Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.“ –Winston Churchill. 


Sanja Ćoko, Delegate Manager

Sanja Čoko was born 22.april.1991 in Mostar,Bosnia and Herzegovina.She finished elementary school „Stjepan Radić“ in Metković after which she entered  High School of Economics also in Metković. After finishing high school she enrolled in Faculty of Law at the University of Mostar where she is fifth year student. She also attended a program at the Department of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek.She speaks English fluently,German and knows basics of Italian language.

She has work experience in various activities such as tourism and service industries.She works at the high school at her home town,as the part of teaching staff,namely teacher assistant where she help in education of children with developmental disabilities.

During her studies she participated in various activities and competitions such as the Regional Moot Court Competition(Zagreb,06-08.May.2016.g) and State Competition in simulated trial in the field of criminal law,which is organized under the auspices of the Bureau of Combating International Narcotics and Law Enforcement and Justice department of United States of America(Sarajevo-Jahorina,09-11.November,2016.g).At the first year of study she was the part of debate club but later she dropped out because she had other obligations.

At before mentioned State Competiton together with her team „Discretio“ as the representatives of their faculty has won the second place.

2016.g she won a Deans praise.

She is „in love“ with crime series,books and documentaries.Also she likes to watch historical documentaries such as Alexander the Great,Troy,movies about World War II. and Homeland War. We can say that she is a historical fan.

She has very good communication skills and she enjoys being a team player so that is a reason why she is a member of organisation team of MOSTIMUN 2017 for the first time. She sees this as a great opportunity for improving her organizational and communication skills and as an a opportunity to enrich her work and life experience.

Her favourite quotes is:1) „Who under other digs a pit will fall into it“, 2) „Clean bill long love“ and 3)  „To manage your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.“


Šejla Hatić, PR Manager

Šejla Hatić was born in August in 1995 in Mostar where she was raised and finished her primary and highschool, and has also continued her studies. She is now 2nd year student of Comunication Studies at „Džemal Bijedić“ University of Mostar.

During her studies, she was active in some local NGOs. Her most important role was in „New Road B&H“ where she worked with 4 girls in primary schools in Mostar. That experience was very important for her. Educating little girls, she educated herself too and now she only wants to push herself harder, to see how far can she come, and to see where are those limits everybody is talking about. Are there any? Because, if you can dream it, you can do it.

This is her first MUN experience. She decided to join MOSTIMUN Organisation Team 2017 because she sees it as a great opportunity to practice what she is studying for,  to improve her professional skills, and to meet some great people from different countries with interesting backgrounds.

She is led by Norman Vincent Peale’s qoute: „Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you can not be succesful or happy.“


Nermana Suša, PR Manager

Nermana Suša was born on 21st of March in 1997. She came from Visoko to study in Mostar a little over a year ago. She is studying at the „Džemal Bijedić“ University of Mostar, Faculty of Humanities.

Nermana is master of karate, black belt. Throughout her high school education she was a volunteer for different non-governmental organizations. The most important is „SHL“ Sarajevo, and she was also on the  board of directors of local team ASUBiH (Association of high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina). She volunteered for ONAuBiH (Youth press organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina) too, and some other organizations as well.

She is writing for a teenage magazine Preventeen, which sells in whole country, since 2012. She attended many seminars and workshops about press and TV journalism. She has written many articles about different topics, has done many researches and she is a winner of many diplomas and letters of thanks. References, too.

 Under an SHL project she has done a publication about current problems and questions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The publication called „Publication of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, today“ was released in the middle of 2015, where her research on topic „Employment“ was published. 

She attended a British Council course where she got a degree of trainer in non-formal education. Last year she was named a mentor of the Preventeen magazine.

In Bačka Banja, Serbia, she was named an ambassador of Tolerance in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Serbia. She released her first novel „Dobro jutro, živote“ („Good morning, life“)


Alma Teskeredžić, Sponsor Manager

Alma was born in Bugojno, on 18th April,1996. She is studying to become teacher as her mom and grandpa were.

This is his first appearance at MOSTIMUN and he participates as manager for logistics.

Alma is currently a member of Youth Bank, where she had volunteered as a trainer and jundge. She has been there for three years now.
Since this year she is also a member of BEST Mostar. Alma is playing handball since her 15th year and curently she is the member HŽRK Zrinjski Mostar.

She considers this as a great opportunity to meet new people and improve his teamwork abilities through MOSTIMUN.



Hasan Čolić, Logistics Manager

Hasan Čolić is born on the 19th of May 1995 in Zenica,where he finished primary and high school.
After finished from high school he enrolled into college and currently is a second year student or Sport and Health at the “Džemal Bijedić” University in Mostar.
This is First Mostimun experience and he wiil be the logistics manager.
He considers this as great opportunity to meet new people and to show his teamwork abilities.





Kenan Haskić, Logistics Manager

Kenan was born on the 24nd of June 1996 in Travnik. He finished  High School in Novi Travnik. He is curently student Faculty of Information Technologies on „Dzemal Bijedic“ University of Mostar .

This is his first appearance at MOSTIMUN and he participates as Logistics Manager.

During his highschool and college year he was involved in a number of activities and participated many seminars that encourage activism. He is member of Youth Bank in „Fondacija Mozaik“, where he was IT manager last year and trainer in project  „M-stram“.

He consider this a good opportunity to improve his responsibility and teamwork inside team of students.

His favourite quote is: „“If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know & start charging for it.”


Mahir Skula, IT Manager

Mahir was born in Tešanj, on 6th September,1996.
He is a student of Informational technologies on “Džemal Bijedić” University of Mostar. 

This is his first appearance at MOSTIMUN and he participates as IT manager.

Mahir is currently a member of Youth Bank, where he had volunteered as a trainer, IT support and facilitator. He has been there for five years now.
Since this year he is also a member of BEST Mostar.

He considers this as a great opportunity to meet new people and improve his teamwork abilities through MOSTIMUN.

„Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.“ W.S.C