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Organizing Team 2018


While not working on our project, Amel is finishing his Bachelors studies in English language and literature and, at the same time, working in a digital marketing company. 

His mun experience started 3 years ago with MostiMUN and later expanded onto other regional conferences. He has become one of the recognizable figures of our Model UN, having obtained the responsibility of Project Manager for the second time in a row. 

*Also a professional napper with a great love for beer and success. 





Željka is a student of Public health and environment, currently in her last year of studies. Last year she took part in the Organizing team of MostiMUN 2017, where she worked as a Delegate manager. She enjoys attending international conferences covering a wide range of interests and topics, as well as seminars and projects. She has organized and coordinated many cultural events and volunteered for two years in an important NGO in Mostar.






Ivana Matić was born in Mostar, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in languages. She was previously a part of MOSTIMUN both as a delegate and as a part of the organizing team (Sponsor Manager and Project Manager), therefore she believes she has acquired enough knowledge to lead this year´s team successfully. Participating in various seminars, projects and cooperating with NGOs has given her the ability to practice and improve her communication and organization skills, which will be put to a good use this year. Deciding to take a break from the stress of the academic world, but unable to not do anything for a whole year she is currently taking a gap year in Iceland, while “working from home” on this year’s conference. Besides the MUN world, she is most passionate about languages, and besides her native language Croatian, she speaks English, Italian, German, Icelandic, Korean and a bit of Spanish. She is excited for this year’s MostiMUN, not only because it will give her an excuse to come back to Mostar, but because it is the 10 th year anniversary of MostiMUN, which means this will be one very special conference!


Nejla was born in March 1998 in Konjic where she finished High school of Economics and currently she’s a 2nd year student on Faculty of Humanities (English language and literature department) at the University Dzemal Bijedić in Mostar. 

She hasn’t always been a seeker for intercultural environments and shown interests in the world of diplomacy like now, but she learned that staying in her comfort zone won’t do much and finally got rid of it. After she gets her Bachelor degree she has plans to apply for MA studies in the field of international relations and diplomacy. Though this is her first step and responsibility in the MUN world, she thinks that she won’t stop here, since she sees many opportunities there.
Volunteering is something she’s also very enthusiastic about. Nejla is a member of BEST Mostar since March last year, the NGO where she’s working on different projects of educational type and engaging with students from all over the Europe.
She is in love with languages, fluently speaking English and improving her level of Spanish and German language skills.
But she also enjoys coffee in the morning and thinks it’s very nice of you if you bring her one. Or two. 
Jovana Malinović, was born and raised in Gradiška, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She’s currently living in the capital of Serbia, where she’s studying judicial- administration law at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. In a very short amount of time, Jovana has managed to build a name for herself in the MUN/MEU world, joining many prestigious conferences as delegate, chair, and even Secretariat member. She’s currently serving her mandate as President of Marketing and PR at UN Club of the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade, vice-president of Marketing and PR at OSSI (Organization of Serbian students abroad) and Head of Legal team at OSSI. Her dream is to become an international criminal lawyer, and build her career worldwide. She’s very happy to be able to bring her special set of skills to MOSTIMUN, to visit Mostar once more and meet all of you!
One of the PR Managers this year on MOSTIMUN is Gabrijela Arapović who has just started her MUN career. Gabrijela is studing journalism at University of Mostar, but she also has a lot of experience in public relations. She hopes to learn something new, meet a lot of people and also have fun on MOSTIMUN.

Antonija Kolakušić was born at 8th of April 1997 in Mostar where she is currently a second year of Journalism at the University of Mostar. It is her first time at MOSTIMUN in organization team (PR Manager). She likes to travel, meet other cultures, different people, and languages. Her hobbies are writing and drawing. She hopes that she will gain a new experience and friendships at MOSTIMUN this year.






Omer Zec, a member of the PR team, was born on August 20, 1997. in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he graduated from Gymnasium. He is a second year student of Communication Science at the Faculty of Humanities, University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar. Omer is also a member of Public Relations Student Association at the Faculty. Omer is very interested in the media, politics and all that influences the formation of public opinion. The past year for him had the greatest importance when it comes to work experience and success. Five months of work on local television brought him experience and gave him a better insight of communication science in general. This is his first MOSTIMUN experience. He decided he wanted to be a part of the team for new experiences, new friendships and his desire to try and learn new things. He is very satisfied with the work progress and organization of this year's conference. He certainly hopes other students will enjoy, too, celebrating the 10th anniversary of MOSTIMUN. Omer believes that talent is nothing without hard work and strong commitment. He believes in himself and his dreams, and his main motto is: The goal justifies the means, that is, all or nothing.


Being able to speak 2 foreign languages before even being able to write, and learning another one during high school, has helped a lot achieving my long awaited goal to be internationally involved in a society full of technology admiring people. I’m a big Data Science enthusiast and I study Software Development at the “University of Džemal BIjedić” in Mostar. After many ups and downs, work on many projects and activities I managed to prove my project management, teamwork and leadership skills in a student NGO known as “BEST” and as much as our local group in Mostar is growing stronger I grow alongside with it as its current president.

Hearing about the call for the Organization Team of the 10th MOSTIMUN anniversary I have recognized a new challenge and an opportunity to prove myself in something I haven’t done before. Therefore here I am fulfilling my duty as the Head of Finance for this years edition of MOSTIMUN. Let’s make an unforgettable anniversary together!

Jasmina Kadić was born on the 10th of November 1998 in Bihać. She finished primary and high school in Bosanska Krupa, a small city on the Una river. Being a very active student in high school and being able to fluently speak German and English payed off. She participated in many projects, seminars and courses, which took her in many countries of Europe. She met a lot of new people, learned about their culture and religion. At the end, she made new friendships all over the world. After finishing high school she moved to Mostar and enrolled into college there. Now, she is a first year student at the Faculty of Information Technology at the „Džemal Bijedić“ University in Mostar. She is also part of a NGO called BEST Mostar – Board of European Students of Techology. This year she has a role of the Logistics Responsible for their upcoming Spring Course. Jasmina is also part of the Organizing team of MOSTIMUN 2018, as one of their members of the Finance Team. After everything she’s been through, she had a lot of chances to improve her knowledge and learn many new things. She’s happy to show her skills right here through MOSTIMUN. And for the end: „Träume nicht dein Leben, sondern Lebe deinen Traum.“


Although this is my first ever Mostimun experience, you’ll be seeing me playing the role of the Logistic responsible person. My name is Muvehida and my task will be to ensure that in the days of the event everything goes as smoothly as possible. I’m also a student at the Džemal Bijedić University or to be more precise I’m soon to be an English language teacher. Also, I’m certificated BEST soft skills trainer and I work at a Digital marketing agency in Mostar. I love volunteering, traveling, meeting new people, Mostar, taking responsibilities and organizing events. Even though I haven’t had the chance to experience Mostimun before, thanks to the previous experiences gathered while volunteering on many other projects I’m looking forward to applying all the knowledge on organizing events to Mostimun hoping we, all together, will share unforgettable moments. Looking forward to meeting you in Mostar!


My name is Teskeredzic Alma. I am 21 years old and I’m the student at the Džemal Bjedić University of Mostar. This is my second time participating in this project called Mostimun and this year I wanted to try something different so you’ll be seeing me in the role of logistic responsible. 

Beside Mostimun, I volunteer in a different organization known as Fondacija Mozaik and I’m highly passionate about handball which I’ve been playing for 4 years already.